2. Edition, SATURDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2024


Ultimate running experience

The Backyard Ultra is not your typical athletic race; it is a test of endurance, determination and camaraderie. Imagine running in a circle exactly 4,000 miles (6,706 km) long over a period of time, again, until there is only one runner left. The challenge is not only to complete each lap, but to do so in the time allowed, pushing your physical and mental limits to the limit.
Illustration by Miha Gjorgon

National and World Backyard Championship

For the first time, on October 19, the National Championship in BACKYARD will be held here in conjunction with the Satellite World Team Championship.
- Each country selects a representation of 15 people who will run in a backyard organized in their country.
- Each backyard starts at the same time (14:00 on October 19, 2024 CET)
- Each completed lap per team member is scored with 1 point.
- All the races will have an internet connection where every hour the athletes who will finish that lap are marked in a google sheet.
- Results will be immediately online for all national teams, so you always know how your team ranks.
- The result is quite dynamic, teams gain and lose position every hour, according to how many athletes they still have in the competition.

The competition between countries is divided into classes based on the experience of the members of the national team. Team N.Macedonia would compete in the smallest class because we don't have an athlete with previous 24-hour experience in BACKYARD. So our team will be competing against teams of similar abilities. But it is a great experience for all participants, because they are in a race, where everyone is part of a team and that requires a lot of mutual support. Each runner is scored, so each of the 15 national team members is equally important.

In the end, the winner of Punks Backyard Ultra 2024 will be considered the national champion of N.Macedonia in backyard.
And the top 50 national champions (according to distance covered) receive an invitation to the world individual championship in October 2025 in the USA.

Team selector for N.Macedonia - Dejan Krle, in order to be a part of the national team, if you think you can contribute to a world-class result, write to me or call me. Criteria for selection will be based on ultra running experience, ITRA points and in mutual agreement.

Teams Event

Teams of 4 people
Give yourself a name and dress up if you like.
You each enter as an individual runner and run as normal but your laps will also be totalled together for the team competition.
Support one another to keep going. When a member DNFs support the others.
Illustration by Miha Gjorgon

A weekend to remember

"I came up with the concept of the big backyard ultra some 50 years ago, while I was still a young runner just starting out. 4.166667 miles an hour, every hour until only one man is standing. You cannot have a bad hour. Only good and great ones."
Gary Cantrell AKA ‘Lazarus Lake’
‘Big’s Backyard Ultra’

The new standard in backyard ultra marathons

The race format of a Backyard Ultra is quite simple. You have to run a 6.7km loop within the hour, every hour, until there is only one race participant left. Runners drop out of the race for 3 main reasons:


Failing to complete the loop within the hour


Failing to make the start line before the next loop begins


Accepting defeat “Yeah I’m done bro”

Personal bests

The most important thing is to know that the big yards are only done by a few athletes, and the heart of the sport is regular people achieving personal goals. Don't be intimidated to think that the 3 or 4 lap people do not belong with the 30 or 40 lap runners. Everyone is running to do their best and every victory is celebrated by all.










Illustration by Miha Gjorgon

About the location

In the immediate vicinity of Gevgelija, along the regional road Thessaloniki - Skopje, there is the Negorci spa. It is located at the foot of Mount Kozhuf, at an altitude of 50 meters, three kilometers from Gevgelija and six kilometers from the border with Greece.

In the vicinity of the spa there are three natural springs with large reserves of underground hot water. Its thermal mineral springs, around which the spa facilities are built, occur on the right side of the Vardar River, at the foot of the Kozhuf mountain, between the villages of Mrzenci and Negorci at an altitude of 60 meters. In the Spa region there are two waters - Hot Bath with a temperature of 40 degrees and Cold Bath with a temperature of 38 degrees.

This is the only bath in the country that also has thermal mud, which is located about 500 meters south of the thermal springs. It is fine-grained, almost black with light-dark particles of plant origin with a temperature of 34 to 36 degrees, making it very suitable for pleoid therapy.

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