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Negorski Banji spa center

Negorski Banji(Spa) are a modern tourist and health center for prolonged treatment and rehabilitation of patients in modern facilities set for all types of therapy in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Around the baths, on an area of 22 hectares, there is a rare example of black ash, which purifies the air, beautifies the environment and enables long walks and relaxation for visitors. At 27 km is the locality "Smrdliva voda" where Negorski spas have their facilities at an altitude of 730 meters. In the spa complex there are three hotels, sports fields, and a gym, which have been completely renovated in order to offer visitors a pleasant stay. The best quality is the hotel "Jasen" with a capacity of 126 beds, then the hotel "Ilinden" which has 88 beds, while the hotel "Božur" offers accommodation for 68 people.


In the immediate vicinity of Gevgelija, along the regional road Thessaloniki - Skopje, there is the Negorci spa. It is located at the foot of Mount Kozhuf, at an altitude of 50 meters, three kilometers from Gevgelija and six kilometers from the border with Greece.


In the vicinity of the spa there are three natural springs with large reserves of underground hot water. Its thermal mineral springs, around which the spa facilities are built, occur on the right side of the Vardar River, at the foot of the Kozhuf mountain, between the villages of Mrzenci and Negorci at an altitude of 60 meters. In the Spa region there are two waters - Hot Bath with a temperature of 40 degrees and Cold Bath with a temperature of 38 degrees.


This is the only bath in the country that also has thermal mud, which is located about 500 meters south of the thermal springs. It is fine-grained, almost black with light-dark particles of plant origin with a temperature of 34 to 36 degrees, making it very suitable for pleoid therapy. The presence of this thermo-mineral mud in Macedonia creates conditions for expanding the therapeutic possibilities in Negorski spas, for which a project is being prepared.


The water in the bath is curative for all types of rheumatic diseases of the joints and muscles, sterility, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, inflammation of the peripheral nervous system, various types of dermatological diseases. By drinking sulfuric acid water, kidney inflammations, gastritis and stomach ulcers are treated. The bathroom is equipped with modern equipment for electro-therapy, paraffin therapy, as well as underwater massage.


Negorski thermo-mineral springs are of volcanic origin. At a depth of about 20-50 meters, the thermo-mineral water in the form of a jet erupts on the surface of the field, and thus it is proved that in addition to the existence of thermal water naturally in Negorski Banji, arterial-thermo-mineral water also occurs. These thermo-mineral waters have a high temperature, which is different in individual sources and ranges from 36 degrees in the cold bath to 43 degrees in the new catchment. The total wealth of all three sources, the cold, the hot bath and the new catchment, is 1.80 liters per second. The water from the springs is rich in sulfur, iron, fluorine, chlorine and magnesium.


The more massive use of the healing properties of this water began at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, at the time when Shukri Pasha, a high dignitary of the Turkish Empire, ruled these spaces. He built a building with two pools and a room for rest. He bathed in the first pool, and his nine wives in the second. One pool is larger with a round shape and the other is cube shaped. These facilities are still in use today and are called "Pašina bath". The legend says that the medicinal water in the bath has been used since long ago and that the mother of Alexander the Great bathed her child in it, which is why the local population calls it "Alexander's Bath".

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